Tuesday, 10 January 2017

HALO Leisure Complimentary 7 day Guest Pass

There's a reason most of us have long forgotten those failed resolutions from January 2016. According to experts we all tend to think too big, too fast, too extreme. This year start as you really do mean to go on….
  • By being realistic. You're not going to drop two dress or jean sizes by January 31, but you could shave 200 unwanted calories off your daily diet. Replacing that extra slice of toast with a piece of fruit in the morning, substituting crisps for veg sticks for the whole month or saying no to seconds at supper will make a difference. Same goes for exercise. If you simply haven't the time to go to the gym every day, why not commit to twice a week and the other five days take a 10 minute walk around the block before breakfast or after dinner.
  • By teaming up with others. We know that those who exercise together exercise for longer and more often. Why not get together with friends or colleagues and sign up for a weekly fitness class or game of squash or commit to training for the next 5 or 10k? More fun, more moral support, more chance of getting and staying fit.
  • By enlisting help. Big things - like quitting smoking or losing a lot of unwanted weight or running a marathon - take guts and stamina and it's pretty tough for anyone to do it alone. And you don't have to! Talk to one of our fitness experts about the weight you'd like to lose this year or the distance you'd like to run and then we can help you set goals and an exercise programme that will break that down into weekly or monthly achievable goals. Or if you're a smoker - we can help you you Quit & Get Fit programme in Herefordshire, our successful programmes includes weekly drop ins, specific support (like carbon monoxide testing so you can chart your progress) and discounted membership packages. To sign up ask at your Halo centre.
(ps - and don't forget to reward yourself for each small step that takes you closer to your goal!)

If you require any further information on corporate membership please contact;

Kelly Price
Corporate Sales Lead
01432 842072 | www.haloleisure.org.uk
Halo Support Centre, Lion Yard, Broad Street, Leominster HR6 8BT