Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Early Years Services Survey Herefordshire

There's still time to have your say on re-designing early years services
Primary school aged childrenThe council is committed to giving children in Herefordshire the best start in life, which is why our early years services aim to significantly improve the lives of children and families across the county at the earliest opportunity.
As part of our early years service re-design, we'd like to know how we can support parents, carers and children to access information, local support and health and education services.  We also need to understand what parents and carers can do for themselves, what support families, friends, community and voluntary groups can provide and how professional services should be available when needed.
We'd like to encourage you, as parents, carers and professionals to provide your views, as it will enable us to further develop local services to ensure we're giving our children and young people the best possible start in life.
The survey is available until Friday 13 January 2017 at